Tagging is a great way to temporarily mark records in a data grid to perform other actions for the tagged records.   Things you can do with tagged records include running a report, exporting, assigning affiliation codes or contact/tickle records, or sending an email.

There are several ways to select and tag records in FIMS Data Grids. Tagging a record places a checkmark next to it, which remains even when you select and/or tag other records.

Note: If you switch to a different view or close the module, all tagging will be removed.   If you want to keep all your tagged records marked for future processing, you will need to use the Process Selections button to add an affiliation code for each tagged record. 

Manual Tagging
  1. Tag any record in the Data Grid by double-clicking in the Tagging field on the far left-hand side of the Data Grid. A checkmark will appear to indicate that the record is tagged.
  2. Double-click the checkmark to remove it.
Manual Selection and Tagging for Multiple Records
  1. Select a contiguous group of records by selecting the first record, then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and select the last record in the desired group.
  2. Select a non-contiguous group of records by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select each desired record.
  3. Click the Tag Selected button to the right of the Find Record box (looks like a green check mark) to tag all records that are highlighted.
Display Tagged Items
  1. To bring all tagged items to the top of the data grid, click the Display Tagged Items button to the far right of the Find Record box.
Tag All / Untag All
These options are available on the Data Grid Toolbar, and on the right-click menu for the Data Grid.
  1.  Click the Untag All button to remove the check mark from all tagged items.
  2.  Click the Tag All button to place a checkmark next to every record in the Data Grid.
  3.  Clear the checkmark from a few individual records as desired by double-clicking on the checkmark. This is helpful if you want to select most of the records in the Data Grid.