How do I change the GL account numbers on a voucher?

The general ledger account numbers on an unposted accounts payable can easily be changed.
When you make an error on an Admin Voucher or need to change GL accounts on a Grant Voucher, it is easy to do while the Voucher is still unposted in Item Entry. 

Simply go to the Line Items tab for the Voucher, click on the appropriate line, and do a lookup to select the appropriate GL account(s).   

Important: This article is referring to GL accounts only such as a natural account number (e.g. 11000).  If it is a Grant Voucher, and you need to change the Fund, Amount, or Grant Date, do not make changes to the Voucher.  Do a Grant Adjustment.  Follow instructions in the Grant Adjustment Helper in FIMS online help.

However, if you have posted the Voucher and it is in the Open Items super tab, there are some steps you need to follow for different scenarios.  There are several options and all have their pluses and minuses:  

Unpaid Vouchers:
  • Admin Voucher-from Open Items create a Debit Memo, post it, and create a new Voucher with the correct accounts.  Posting the Debit Memo will reverse the original Voucher post entries. Most foundations make reclass entries in the General Ledger for the admin or the grant expense account error- particularly if the voucher is fully paid.
  • Grant voucher-a debit memo that has multiple lines- one to reverse the wrong expense and one to create the expense in the correct account  - can be done however the easiest way would be to completely cancel the grant being sure to follow the correct steps for that and then enter in a new grant but do not post to AP.
For example:

1. Go to the grant module and create a grant
2. Post the grant application which will post it Application History. This is the post applications edit report, you will click on Post Applications to post to Application History in the grant module.

3. When the next report comes up, the Edit and Post Grant Vouchers in A/P, do not do that step, close out this 2nd report.

4. Now go to the AP module, you will see the grant voucher in Item Entry rather than Open Items because you did not post it to AP which is what you want so that you can edit the GL accounts. From AP, you will change the GL accounts and then now you can post the voucher here directly in AP:

Paid Vouchers: If the Voucher has been paid, it is necessary to void the check before changing the account numbers.  It is critical that the check is voided before the account numbers are changed since the check void will use the current account numbers on the line items.



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