To maintain an audit trail, Tax Status Plus is attempting to create a System Activity record that reflects the change to the Organization's tax status information. Tax Status Plus cannot create this record because the user logged in to GIFTS does not have permission to create Activity records.

Grant the user's group the permission to create Activities in GIFTS; this permission will also allow users in this group to create any of the Activities that you have set up for GIFTS. To grant this permission:  

1.       Log in to the GIFTS Administrator Module.  
2.       From the Administrator menu, select Access > Permissions .  
3.       Highlight the group to which the user belongs and click Edit .  
4.       In the list of Modules/Functions on the left, open the GIFTS item. The permissions for GIFTS appear.  
5.       In the Activities row, place a check mark in the Add column.  
6.       Click Save and Close .