The application was generated from an IGAM form that uses a custom data entry field that has been renamed or deleted from the GIFTS system. Since the custom data field name in the application does not match the field names in the GIFTS database, the application cannot be considered.  

Note: This cause applies only if the "Technical Support Info" section of the error message indicates that the position of a column in an _EXT table could not be determined.

The following procedure describes how to update an IGAM form that contains a custom data entry field that has been deleted or renamed. If you have deleted or renamed custom data fields and you are not sure which of your IGAM forms use these fields, we recommend that you perform this procedure on each of your IGAM forms to ensure that they are valid.   If you make additional changes to your custom data entry fields in the future, you should update your IGAM forms again after those changes are made.  

Note: updating your forms will not correct errors in applications that have already been submitted with the forms; to consider these applications, you need to contact MicroEdge Technical Support.  

To update an IGAM form to reflect changes to your custom data fields:  
1.       Log in to the IGAM and open the Forms Manager.  
2.       Open the form that uses the field that has been modified. The IGAM performs an automatic synchronization of the form with the Code Tables and custom fields in your database, and if the form uses any fields that no longer exist, a message is displayed and the invalid fields are removed from the form.  
3.       If you wish to replace any of the fields that had been removed, go to the Fields tab of the Form Design Wizard and add the new or updated field to the appropriate section of your form.  
4.       Save and close the form.