Unfortunately there is no way to move your FieldMaker setup from the Test and Learn database to the Live database, although we do advise working in the learning environment as you test out your FieldMaker approach.

We suggest you follow these recommendations when testing your FieldMaker setup in Test and Learn:
  1. Add a sample of all the different types of fields you plan to add, but don't add all the fields of a type.  For instance, if you plan on having 20 donor interest categories, add just 2 or 3 for testing purposes.
  2. Add the fields to the layout in roughly the correct location. Don't spend excessive amounts of time making your screen look "pretty".  
  3. Commit Changes and fill in some test data.
  4. Run reports, exports, and create data grids that include the data to make sure you can get the information out in the reports, exports, and data grids you plan to use. 
  5. Test selections on the data in your reports, exports, and data grids to see if you can easily report on it the way you want.  For instance, did you set up combo boxes, but it would be easier to make a selection on toggle boxes?  Or did you set up a short fill in field, but it would work better as a combo box?