The keyboard tabbing order within a FieldMaker screen is set automatically by the system based upon the location of the field relative to the other fields on the screen.  The order is from left to right and top to bottom.  For most people this is the way you read a page of text.

If tabbing through the screen doesn't appear to follow this logic, perhaps the fields aren't as aligned as they appear. 

To fix this alignment you can either edit the properties of each field or you can use the Align tool on the Layout tab.  Using the Align tool on the Layout tab is fairly easy.  See Solution #1094 for detailed instructions on how to use this feature.

To edit the properties, right click on the field and choose Properties.  It is best to change only the Height, Width, Row or Column properties from the Layout tab.  Other Properties should be changed on the Field Tab.

Height and Width determine the size of the Field Label and Entry box.

Row and Column indicate where on the Layout or screen the field is placed.  Changing one of these values to the same value as another field will align those two fields on that Row or Column.  You would not change both values because that would place the two fields on top of each other.