There is an easy and fun way to align various elements in FieldMaker. 

In FieldMaker Configuration, open the Layout tab for the screen you need to work with.

While holding down your left mouse button, draw a rectangle around the fields you want to align. Once the rectangle encompasses the fields, let go of the mouse and all the fields you want should be selected.  If some aren't, you might not have gotten the rectangle large enough.  Just try again. If you continue to have difficulty, you can hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and individually select the items you want to align.  This is very helpful if your fields are scattered about the screen and you can't draw a box without capturing a field you don't want.

When you have all the fields selected, click on the menu item Format , then Align . 

Choose from the following five choices: Colon Left Sides Right Sides Top Edges Bottom Edges