Cause: The import file contains an incorrect number of fields for each check record, so GIFTS cannot find the payment amount in the expected field.   Users who set up their memorized report for QuickBooks using the instructions in the First Edition of the GIFTS A/P Module User's Guide may experience this error because the documentation did not instruct users to omit the Class column from the report; that omission was corrected in later editions of the documentation.

Resolution: Re-create the memorized report used to export your QuickBooks check numbers and check dates. Note that the interface for QuickBooks may vary from version to version.     Once you have set up this report, QuickBooks users can use it to generate valid ASCII files for import into GIFTS.

To set up the report:  
1.      In QuickBooks, choose Reports > Accountant and Taxes > Transaction List by Date or Reports > Transaction Reports > By Date to run the standard transaction report.  
2.      Click the Modify Report button. The customizing options are displayed.  
3.      In the Columns list, click P.O.# so that a check mark is displayed beside it.  
4.      In the Columns list, click Class so that a check mark is not displayed beside it.  
5.      Click the Filter tab. The filtering options are displayed.  
6.      In the Filters list, choose FOB and type GFW into the field displayed to the right of the list.  
7.      Click OK to exit the customizing options. The P.O.# column is not displayed in the report, and the Class column is not.  
8.      Click the Memorize button. You are prompted to name the memorized report.  
9.      Enter GIFTS Export as the name of the report and click OK to save it.   You are finished creating the memorized report needed to prepare your check data for GIFTS.