I'm getting an 'Automation Error' when I'm trying to send an email through GIFTS

Whenever I generating an e-mail template with the GIFTS Correspondence Generation Wizard, the following error occurs: Technical Support Info: [Correspondence.DataSourceFileCreate] Error #-2147023170 Automation error, the remote procedure call failed.
Please use the following steps to troubleshoot and resolve this issue:  
  1. Does the error occur with all of your e-mail templates? Send a test e-mail using a different template. If that e-mail merges properly, there may be an issue with the template you were using when the error occurred. You can try to simply delete the problematic template and re-create it.  
  2. Does the error occur on all workstations? Send a test e-mail from a different GIFTS workstation. If the error does not occur on all workstations, it is caused by an environmental issue rather than a problem with GIFTS. The most likely cause is a problem with your installation of Word. Continue with this checklist: the following two steps describe common problems encountered with Word.  
  3. Is your version of Microsoft Word certified for use with GIFTS? If you are not sure, refer to the Compatibility Fact Sheet for your version of GIFTS to verify that you are running a compatible version of Word. If your version of Word is not certified, install a certified version.  
  4. Have you experienced any other problems working in Word? The most commonly-reported cause of this error is a corrupted installation of Word. You can use Word's "Detect and Repair" feature to identify and resolve problems with your Word installation.   On the problematic workstation, open Word and select Help > Detect and Repair to run this feature. You may be prompted to insert the Microsoft Office installation CD to complete this action; please contact your IT department if you do not have access to the CD or know where the Office installation files are on your network. For more information about this Word utility, please refer to your Word documentation.  
  5. Is Microsoft Windows configured to hide file extensions for 'known' or 'registered' file types? If the copy of Windows on a problematic workstation is set up to hide file extensions, GIFTS cannot retrieve the information it needs to process merges and generates an error. This configuration issue usually causes a different error message, but has also been reported to cause an automation error.  
  6. If none of the preceding steps resolves the issue, contact MicroEdge Technical Support for additional assistance.   Note: If the problem does not occur on all workstations, it is an environmental issue rather than an issue with your GIFTS software. It is the client's responsibility to reconcile the differences between operational and problematic workstations. GIFTS includes a diagnostic utility that you can use to compare the system files on your workstations; however, MicroEdge Technical Support staff cannot provide assistance with environmental problems.



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