This error is usually caused because the user has insufficient access permissions to the GIFTS directory. Some clients report this error after making changes to GIFTS or to their computer network, because their permissions have not been updated to reflect these changes. Clients also report this error after migrating to Windows 2003, which is more restrictive then prior versions of Windows with regard to the propogation of permissions from parent directories to child directories. To resolve this environmental issue, MicroEdge recommends that you consult your IT department to verify that the user who is logged in to Windows on the workstation when the error occurs has full read, write, and execute permissions for the GIFTS directory and all of its subdirectories . If your network administrator has verified the file permissions for the user and the error still occurs, please verify that the disk on which your GIFTS directory resides is not full and that it is working properly. If none of the above work, please contact Microedge Technical Support.