I get an Error 3260: Couldn't Update" when working in GIFTS, how can I fix this issue?

I receive a message similar to the following while working in GIFTS: Error # 3260. Couldn't update; currently locked by user [UserName] on machine [MachineName]
GIFTS locks open database records such as a Request record or an Activity record to ensure that only one user can modify them at a given time. On systems with a Microsoft Access backend, users may receive this error if a lock is not properly released due to a connectivity issue or database corruption.

To resolve the error, take the following troubleshooting steps. These steps should be performed by your GIFTS administrator, and require that users log out of GIFTS while you troubleshoot the system. MicroEdge recommends that you plan ahead to minimize the disruption of their work if you need to continue past the first troubleshooting step.
  1. Instruct all users to log out of GIFTS. Once all users have logged out, they can log back in and resume working in GIFTS.
  2. If the error still occurs after all users have logged out, instruct all users to log out again and reboot the network file server that is running GIFTS. In many cases, locking errors occur because of a connection that is held open by the server.
  3. If the error still occurs, please contact MicroEdge Technical Support for additional assistance. There may be a problem with your database that can be repaired using MicroEdge's Database Maintenance Tool.



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