UnInstallShield is a Microsoft Windows® utility which tracks all programs installed on and removed from a Windows workstation.   Installation policies set by your network administrator may cause this utility may prevent you from uninstalling or re-installing GIFTS on your workstation. To resolve this issue, log in to the workstation as an adminstrator before performing the installation or re-installation. If you do not have an administrative account, please contact your IT or MIS department for advice. Either an administrator can install the software for you, or you can request that the system privileges needed to install software on your workstation be enabled for your user account. After logging to your workstation with the necessary system privileges, you can install or re-install GIFTS on that workstation using the following procedure:  
  1. Locate the GIFTS.INI file on the workstation. This file is located in the C:\WINNT or C:\WINDOWS directory; the name of the directory varies among different versions of Windows. Note: This step and the following step apply only if GIFTS was previously installed on the workstation. If GIFTS has never been used on the workstation, you may skip to step 3.  
  2. Right-click on the GIFTS.INI file and select Rename .Change the name of the file from GIFTS.INI to GIFTS.INI.BAK and press ENTER. If asked to confirm that you want to change the file's extension, click Yes .  
  3. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the GIFTS folder on your file server. (such as F:\GIFTS\ or \\SERVER\APPS\GIFTS\ ).
  4. Open the SETUP folder located inside the GIFTS folder and double-click on the SETUP.EXE file.  
  5. Follow the GIFTS Workstation Setup instructions in the GIFTS Installation and Technical Reference Guide for your version of GIFTS. If your version of GIFTS prompts you to install the XML Parser or Microsoft Data Access Components, be sure to do so.