I'm trying to send a batch of emails and keep getting a Method of Object Error, how can I fix this?

When I try to send a batch of email correspondence, I get an error message similar to the following: Error #2147213413...Method of Object failed.
This error is usually caused by a missing or invalid email address. Check the email addresses that you have on file for each recipient, and ensure that they are all valid. To review the email addresses in the Organizer so you don't have to open each record one-by-one, you can add email addresses as a column in your Organizer View:  
  1. From the GIFTS menu, select View > Show Columns .  
  2. Add the Primary Contact - Email Address column to your view.
  3. Click the Move Up button to move the e-mail address column to the top of the list; it will be the first column in your view.
  4. Click Save and Close .  
Now you can look through the address and make any necessary changes, or remove the records that have invalid email addresses from your batch.   If you are sure that all of the email addresses in the batch are valid, reboot your workstation and try to send your correspondence again. If neither editing your addresses nor rebooting resolves the issue, please contact MicroEdge Technical Support for assistance.



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