In order to export names and addresses for a mailing of Profiles that have both of two Affiliation codes, you need to take a couple of steps.  In short, you will use the Affiliation Code Mass Add tool to assign a new Affiliation code to people who have both of the codes.  You will then use this new Affiliation code as selection in your export.  

Note: The reason this is necessary is because it is not possible to do AND selections in regular reports and exports.  Regular reports and exports use OR as the operator when selecting multiple Affiliation Codes.   

Example:  You need to do a mailing to all profiles who have given over $5000 this year (Affiliation code A) and who attended an event (Affiliation code B).  You only want to mail to those who have both of these codes.
  1. Make sure you have Affiliation codes assigned to people in both of the example categories (A and B).
  2. Click on Profile > File Maintenace > Profile Code Maintenance > Affiliation
  3. Add a new Affiliation code that will represent people who have both of these two codes (e.g. Affiliation code C).
  4. Click on Profile > File Maintenance > Affiliation Code Mass Add.
  5. In the First Affiliation Code put Affiliation code A.
  6. In the Second Affiliation Code put Affiliation code B.
  7. In the Affiliation Code to Mass Add put Affiliation code C. 
  8. Click OK and complete the process.
Now that you have a new Affiliation code assigned that indicates Profiles that have both criteria, you can select that new Affiliation in any report or export that allows selection by Affiliation code to get your names and addresses for the mailing.