Yes there is a way to get boxes that are the same size. 
  1. On the layout tab, right click on a box that is the correct size and choose properties. 
  2. Note the Height and Width Value in the properties box. 
  3. This is the box dimensions. 
  4. Some fields only have a width.
  5. Go back to the Fields tab and in each field you want to standardize select properties and enter in the values for the size you want.
  6. You have several choices for propagating the decision depending upon where you are in creating the layout:
    1. Remove the fields from the layout, save and add them back ( this will bring the field properties to the layout). 
    2. Edit the layout properties as well as the field (this is extra work, but saves you realigning fields). 
    3. Edit the Field properties before adding to the layout.(the best choice, but you might not have realized you had a problem until after the fields were added to the layout). 
  7. Of course, it is best to decide on the box size before adding the fields to the layout.