How Can I Confirm Watchlists Plus is Checking Against Financial Crimes Enforcement Network?

The GIFTS Plus Pack Watchlists Plus module gives you the opportunity to vet your Organizations against the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN 311, list. However, when the FinCEN option is selected to be included as lists employed by Watchlists Plus in your Plus Pack Configuration, you may receive an error message when running Watchlists. This is because this option is erroneous; the actual entry that includes the FinCEN list is called OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control.
To resolve any errors you encounter, simply choose to remove the FinCEN list from Watchlists Plus by following the instructions below:

1) Open the GIFTS Plus Pack Configuration utility, known as PlusConfigurationTool.exe in the GIFTSPlus folder. If you do not have access, please consult your internal IT support to make these changes.
2) Once opened, scroll down to and click Watchlists Plus to bring up the lists that are included and excluded when running Watchlists
3) If FinCEN appears in the rightmost column, highlight it and click << Remove to return it to the left column
4) Once removed, confirm if the entry entitled OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control is listed in the right column as well. If not, highlight it in the left column and click Include >>



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