Sometimes duplicate accounts are caused  by the end of year closing process when the change fund code change utility was not used on all years when it was run. More recent versions of the EOY Closing process handle this scenario differently resulting in infrequent duplication, but the newer process does not clean up issues already in the database.

Scenario that might cause duplicate accounts: i.e. '98 and '99 g/l years are open.  
  • Change a fund code for '99 accounts.  
  • Rerun EOY for '98 - this might create duplicate accounts in '99  (adding g/l accounts with old code to the '99 year).  

To guarantee that this will not happen,  you must:
  • change the fund code for both years
  • rerun EOY
  • change fund code for earlier year back to old code.  
The key to insuring no duplicates is to keep both years using the same fund codes.    

Once you have determined that you have duplicate GL Accounts, you need to remove the duplicates and retain the correct accounts.  There are a couple of processes that can be used and one will work in some situations and is easier to use.  In order of ease of use:
1. Delete the g/l accounts with the wrong codes.  
  • If any of those accounts have journal entries posted to them, you can't delete them. You will need to merge them using Step 2 below. 
  • Use the chart of accounts report as a guide
  • If you can delete all the wrong fund coded accounts, you are through.
  • If you can delete one of each of the pair, then after removing the duplicates:
    • Run Change Fund Codes for that fund and year and change all to the wrong code.  
    • Double-check to see what was done. You should still have no duplicates, but with the wrong coding.  
    • Make sure all accounts are same codes (for all years).   
    • Run Fund Code Change again to change all the accounts to the right code.    
 2: Run Tools > System Utilities> Admin Utilities > Finance Utilities > Change\Combine GL Accounts. 
This utility will move all the journal entries from the "from" account to the "to" account.  It will then run a process to recalculate the GLyear records.  It will change all occurrences of the old account in the outer module for the year(s) specified to the "to" value.
  1. Select the year
  2. In the Copy Account From selection find the incorrect GL account
  3. In the Combine\Copy To selection enter in or find the correct GL account.  Typically it is easier to copy the value from the From selection to the To selection and edit the fund coding
  4. Check the change accounts in Outer Modules box
  5. Click OK