If you need to change FACTS Confirm Dates on Transactions, there are two methods:
  1. Type in the new date for each Transaction one at a time in FACTS > Reconciliation > Transactions > Confirm Date column
  2. Use the Change Confirm Dates utility under File Maintenance to change many Transactions at once.
The first option is appropriate if you have only a few dates to change or there is no systemic way to group the Transactions together to use the utility.  The  Change Confirm Dates utility allows you pick a new Confirm Date and to select which Transactions you want to change based on various selection criteria. One typical use for this utility is to change the Confirm Dates on Transactions created by Admin Fee entries that were posted at the end of a month after the Pool was posted for that month.  In that case the FACTS Confirm Date needs to be the first day of the following month.

One way to circumvent needing to use this tool is to fill in the Confirm Date field on the Admin Fee journal entry template.  Some other Automatic Entry Routines also allow you to enter a FACTS Confirm Date before creating the entries.

    Running the Change Confirm Dates utility:
  1. Go to FACTS > File Maintenance > Change Confirm Dates.
  2. Enter a Pool ID in the From and Through fields.
  3. Enter the new Confirm Date you want for all the selected Transactions.
  4. Pick which Transactions you want to change by checking the box to either select based on a Confirm Date range or a Transaction Date range, and enter the dates in the From and Through fields.
  5. Optionally select further based on a particular Document Number range or Transaction Type range.
  6. Click OK and Yes after confirming the selections.
  7. A message box with a count of the records changed will appear.  Click OK to close.
If you moved too many records or not enough, repeat the process or manually change the dates.  Sometimes it may be easier to move all the records to one new date and then move a few records to a different date.