Available to Cash is used when the AP staff want to be warned that there is not enough cash in the account before creating a voucher.

Most Foundations will not use this feature because they:
  • Process checks and knowingly bring the balance below zero.  They then use other processes to replenish the cash before mailing the checks.
  • Have the checking account in the pool and an automatic sweep is performed by the bank as checks are presented for payment.
  • Process vouchers and grants on a truly accrual basis and the vouchers are in Accounts Payable awaiting their payment date, thus a warning about cash availability is inappropriate since cash available now doesn't necessarily    ensure cash available at the time the check is cut.
Foundations will use this feature if they process checks for a supporting organization or other entity and want to be sure that the supporting org has adequate funds to cover the vouchers at the time the voucher is processed.