It is easy to process a pledge payment for someone else's pledge.  Let's use the example where the senior partner of a law firm made a pledge to your organization.  The law firm sends in a check for the first payment instead of the senior partner sending in a personal check.
  1. Go to the Gift Module and click the New Gift button.
  2. Enter the Donor Idcode for the law firm.
  3. Since the law firm didn't make the Pledge, you will not be prompted to select a Pledge. Instead, click the Select Pledges box to the right of the Amount field.  This will open the Select Pledges box.
  4. Click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the Pledgee field and search for the original Pledgee.  In this example, it is the senior partner.
  5. Once selected, all the outstanding installment lines for this Pledgee will appear and you can fill out the screen just as you would for a regular Pledge payment.
  6. Click Save when done, then continue filling out and saving the Gift record. You should be prompted to accept the change in the Donor's Acknowledgement information. 
Be sure to review and change the information on the Acknowledgment tab since the name associated with the original Pledge will fill in (in our example, the senior partner), not the information associated with the actual donor (in our example, the law firm). When Gift reports are run the law firm will be shown as the entity paying the Pledge.