The multiple grantee lines are due to the IRS requirement that grant information contain detailed descriptive information for each grant made.  Although the system could summarize two grants for "General Operating Support", if there is any variation in spelling or spacing or language, it would not know to do so.  It was decided to not attempt to combine at all and instead provide an export file to allow the user to combine where appropriate.

The IRS 990 Grantee Schedule report has two options.  You can print the report to the screen or export the data to a file that can be opened in Excel showing each item on a separate line. After you have made your selections on the initial screen, click OK. 

If you wish to export the data:
  1. On the next screen select Spreadsheet
  2. Indicate a file name and location and click Save.  
  3. Click Run Report. 
  4. There will be a message indicating the file names for the 3 files exported.
  5. You can then open the chosen file in Excel.
The three files contain:
  • The contents of Part 2 with both an address block and columns for the individual address elements.
  • The summary lines from part 3 as reported to the screen
  • The individual grant detail that makes up the displayed summary information for part 3.