If you run the Fund Statement Export and open the data in Excel the columns might be out of alignment because of the way Excel handles carriage returns.

To improve the Excel display, before running the export, go to the Options tab and check the  Exclude block text fields from export box. Usually this misalignment occurs because the large text blocks that export automatically have content that contain carriage returns or more than 256 characters. 

If you open the data file in Excel, it either pushes the 257th character into the next cell or in the case of a carriage return, it starts a new row. To keep this from happening, we added this option.  Instead of the data there is either a blank cell or a short message that is exported instead of the full content of the field.

If you plan on not opening the file in excel and merging it directly to Word, then there is no need to check off this box.  If you use this field in the resulting merge document, it might be desirable to retain the carriage returns.