You cannot suppress the lines. Historically admin fee calculations are scrutinized very carefully because the revenue received from fees supports the operations of the foundation.  Thus, any fund not paying a fee was examined for accuracy.

Since admin fees can now be charged on gift revenue, transactions, and in other creative ways, many fees might be charged on a particular fund and a particular fund might or might not participate in each form of calculation.  This has resulted in less scrutiny on a monthly basis because the wide variety of methods results in many funds not having any activity for that particular fee.

However, the reporting will still continue to display all the funds identified as having the fee code you are calculating regardless of the result of the calculation so that you do have the ability to review the zeroes and determine if something was overlooked or not calculated.

For example, if running a fee calculation that calculates on gift revenue,  it is a good idea to compare the total assessment value on the report to a gift history report that selects on the funds you would expect to be charged a fee.  If the values don't agree, you can use the gift history report to compare to the admin fee report to find the funds not being assessed appropriately.  Perhaps a new revenue account was added and was not included in the account range.