This utility speeds the addition of codes to Fund records. The code that you select will be automatically copied to each Fund that matches your selections.
  1. In the FundManagement module, select File Maintenance > Mass Fund Field Assignment . The window opens.
  2. In the For Funds From / Through fields, enter the Fund ID for the Fund or range of Funds that you want to update. Note: The Fund ID codes must be alphabetically contiguous. Note: Leave the default values in these fields if you want to update all Funds.
  3. Select any other codes you want to use to identify the Funds that should receive the selected code.
  4. In the Fund Field to Update field, enter the field that you want to update for the selected Funds. Available fields include Admin Fee , Available to Spend , County , Grant Letter , Fund Statement Default Selections , Fund Statement Style , Interest , Misc. Info , Policy , Source , Special Handling , Staff , Strategy , Trustee ID , and Available Cash.
  5. In the Value Code field, enter the code that you want to add to the selected field on the Fund record (or, for non-code fields, enter the text that you want to add to the field).   Tip: If you want to clear a code, enter a Fund Field to Update and leave the Value Code field blank.
  6. Click OK. A confirmation message appears to tell you how many Fund records were updated.