One of the best ways to double check the 990 Donor Report numbers is to run the Gift History Report.
  • Select the Transaction Date range that agrees with the fiscal year.
  • On the Sorting tab select IdCode (or Alpha Sort Name or Report Name) and select both the Subtotal and Totals Only boxes (lower right hand corner).  Note: Selecting IdCode on the Sorting tab will list the Donors in the same order as the 990 Donor Report.
  • This will generate a Gift report with just the Gift totals for each Donor. 
  • You should be able to easily scan through the report and find the Donors whose Gift totals are greater than your minimum. 

You can also compare the totals of this report to the totals of the IRS 990 Donor Report by putting $0 in the Display Donors with Total Contributions Greater Than or Equal To field.