Here are examples of when you might put an amount in this field:
  • When starting FIMS mid-year, the box can be used to enter the amount associated with 1099 Vouchers that are not in FIMS.
  • If you decide not to bother with coding Vouchers as 1099 Vouchers, but calculate the amounts elsewhere, and still want to print the 1099's from FIMS, this box can be used to enter the amount of the 1099.
  • When entering a single Voucher for both a 1099 and non-1099 amount, the box can be used to adjust the Voucher amount up or down.  For example, a Voucher is for $1000, but only $200 qualifies as reportable.  Enter -$800 in the box. ( In more recent versions of FIMS, you can split the voucher by assigning different line items to specific boxes or "none")
When you run the 1099 Report there is box labeled "Include 1099 Adjustment Amounts".  When this box is checked, the amount in the field will be added to all the Vouchers with the 1099 box checked to determine if the Vendor will be listed.  The amount will be added to the report at the beginning of the Voucher detail with no label.