The example below explains how to copy the Default View in the Profile module to create a new one selected by Affiliation code.The same principals can be applied to most any view you want to copy in any module where the Profile table is available.

1.  Go to the Profile module and click on the binoculars button so the data grid is displayed.
2.  Click on the View Settings button (located on the left below the drop-down list of views).
3.  Make sure the Default View is highlighted. Click on Save As and give the new view a name (Tip: use a short name).
4.  Under "Type" choose Full (type might say Opt and you should change to Full).
5.  Change the description. Click OK.
6.  Click on the Affiliations tab and choose the Affiliation(s) you want to include.

Note: Anytime you want to select records in a data grid based on Affiliation codes, you must have the datagrid set as a "Full" type so that the Affiliation code selection option is available.  If you forgot and left the datagrid set as Opt, there will be a red message on the Affiliation tab.  To correct:
  1. Click the Views tab,
  2. Select the data grid
  3. Click Settings. 
  4. Change the Type to Full in the dropdown.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Save.