The Grantee table is used for both Administrative Vendor and Grantee information.  There are separate tabs in FIMS labeled Vendor and Grantee since some fields are specific to Grantees and others are specific to Vendors.  

Some fields apply to either and so appear on both tabs.  The information on both of these tabs are all in the Grantee table.  

There are two fields on the Grantee record to determine the type of record.  The Vendor box is checked if the record is a Vendor.  The Grantee box is checked if the record is a Grantee.  Both can be checked if the Profile is both an Administrative Vendor and a Grantee.  

Whether you are creating a data grid, picking fields for export in a user defined export, or selecting criteria for a regular report or export, all of these fields will be listed in the Grantee table list.