Most exports are done for mailing purposes.  But if you are doing an export because you want to create a report by opening the data in Excel, you should probably check that box.  

The Allow Mail box is located on the Profile 2 tab and it should be unchecked if that Profile should not receive mail.  That would include deceased individuals, out of business organizations, or anyone that should not receive mail because they don't want any, or for whatever reason.  Unchecking that box will automatically exclude that Profile from any standard export off the Reports menu. 

Note: This does not apply to doing exports from data grids.

An example of doing an export to create a report would be to create a list of all the donors in a particular year for the Annual Report.  Just because they don't want to be mailed shouldn't exclude them from the list of contributors. This is a good option to use if you cannot find a standard report that gives you the information you are looking for.

To use this option
  • Go to the Mailing tab in the selected export and check the box to Ignore allow mail flag in profiles.
  • This will export all Profiles regardless of whether the box is checked or not.
Tip: When you run an export you get an information box at the end telling you how many records were exported.  The message will also tell you how many were skipped due to the Allow Mail flag being off.  If you didn't plan on skipping any records and the skipped number isn't 0,  you now know you can rerun the export and check off this box to bring the skipped number to the desired 0.