Every foundation has a different definition of what represents an inactive fund, but with the record exists fields available in the Fund Listing report, you can create a list of funds that haven't had gifting or granting activity in the current or previous year or ever.

To use this feature:
  • Run the Fund Listing Report found in Reports >Funds. 
  • On the Selections tab click the drop-down and select Record Fund. 
  • There will be a list of up to 11 items. If for instance you want to display all the funds who have not had gifting or granting activity for the current and previous year, then you would select and add GiftH Curr Yr Exists, GiftH prev Yr Exists,GrantH Curr Yr Exists,GrantH Prev Yr Exists and choose No and No for the From and Through values.  This will give you a list of potentially inactive funds.
  • Conversely, if you wanted active funds you might choose Yes and Yes.
  • If you want to exclude the funds already marked inactive, then choose (Fund) Date retired and leave the from and the through blank.