A statement style is used to identify the type of merged fund statement a particular fund is going to receive. 

For example: An endowed statement might have investment earnings detailed by realized and unrealized gains, interest, dividends and fees.  A statement for a pass-thru fund might only have Interest. 
  • Statements might have different language or terminology used because of the audience. 
  • You might have different styles for different divisions.
  • Regardless of the reason, the merge document created will point to a different data set so that when merged each fund will use the correct style.
  • The statement style code is similar to the grant letter or the acknowledgment code. 
  • It is used during a merge to identify which merge document should be used for this particular fund.

See When I run my fund statements into a merge document, I am not seeing all my funds. Why? for some additional discussion on how and why to use statement styles and how they work.