You can find the utility under File Maintenance > Profiles > Import Address Updates. You will need to create a .csv file with the necessary updates to the profiles. The profile ID code must be in the spreadsheet and mapped to the correct column.

You can use this import process to assist with the following:
  • Address standardization
  • Abbreviation consistency
  • Address consistency
    • Moving address line 1 to address line 2 - perhaps you have changed the way you address
  • Spelling errors
    • Cities or other fields misspelled Updating changes to other fields - you might not have entered in various fields and now with to
  • County code changes
    • We have various tools for modifying these, but this will give you direct control and review
  • Phone format changes. 
    • We have a tool for modifying these, but this will give you direct selection control and review.  If missing area codes you can edit them before re-import.
  • Organizational name changes