Yes you can import the statement into FIMS after some manipulation.
  1. Export or download the statement from your bank or provider.  You will have to choose the correct format.  You want a format that will open in excel. Usually most banks will offer a comma delimited or spreadsheet format.
  2. Open the exported data in excel and modify the lines or columns of data in the manner desired
  •  Each line can be a voucher line- add a column for the expense account.
  • All expenses could be from one fund - use the import to identify the fundid.
  • Expenses can be from different funds - use a column in the spreadsheet to identify the fundid.
  • Modify the description or add a new column for the line item description
      3.  Once the spreadsheet is detailed in the manner desired, save as a CSV ( comma delimited) file.
      4.  Select File Maintenance > Accounts Payable > AP Voucher Import.  Assign the particular values to their appropriate locations.
      5.  Be aware that most options have the following choices:
  • Select- to allow a single value to be used for all records imported
  • Column # - to identify the column number if not in the list ( large spreadsheets)
  • Column X - to identify which column in the spreadsheet holds the data
If you plan to do this every month, then save your settings in the Defaults area so you won't have to make your choices again.
It is best to test this in the Test and Learn database first to be certain you are getting the results you want.