There are only a few tables in the FACTS module. These hold the data created from the autobuild initial funds value  process and the monthly reconciliation cycles:

Pool Balances for each cycle are in this table 
Pool > Balance tab

Accounts Balances for each cycle are in this table 
Account > Balance tab
Reconciliation History report will display more values

Funds Balances for each cycle are in this table
Pool > select a pool > click the balance tab
Unitization History reports display this content

Pool super tab and the Pool and GL Accounts tab.

Accounts\Account tab and GL accounts ( not used) tab.
This table is also used for the checking account and is seen in the reconciliation module on the account tab

This is the transaction record and usually has the same doc number as journal number. 
These are transactions that belong to a cycle that hasn't been posted.
Transactions are viewed on the transaction tab for the account

These are the posted recontran records.
When a cycle is posted the recontran records move to the recontranhis table