Flex reports are fixed layout reports so there is no way you can change the layout of the unitization report to show the detail.

However, you can make a data grid that will use the f-fund-balance table as it's source and will have all the pieces that are stored in the table available for you to arrange in columns. To do this:
  1. Go to Inquiries\dynamic datagrid and choose the f-fund-balance table in the drop-down
  2. Create a data grid in the normal manner. 
  3. Select the columns you want in the order you want them displayed.
  4. You will need to select on the pool-id and the cycle. 
  5. The datagrid will not have column totals, but you can easily export into excel and add subtotals and other calculations if you need them.
  6. This option does allow you to get more detail data for investment analysis.
  7. The f-account-balance table is also available for investment account analysis.