In excel there is a function called concatenate that will take the contents of individual cells and merge them together.  You can add fixed letters, numbers and symbols as well as spaces- usually anything you can type.

For instance, you can take the city, state and zip values found in three separate columns and merge them into "city, st zzzzz-zzz".  This added a comma and spaces to the 3 values.

To use the feature, in most versions of excel:
  1. Start by positioning the cursor in the cell in which you want to create the new value.
  2. Find the fx function button to the left of the field display ( usually right above the B,C, or D column header) or click Insert function in the menu. 
  3. Insert function wizard opens. 
  4. Type concatenate and press Go.  This should find the function. 
  5. Select it and click ok.
  6. Another box  pops up and this is where you build your string.
  7. In our example of city, st  zip we would click on the cell in the row we are in that contained the city value. 
  8. The city should display to the right. 
  9. Type a comma followed by a space in the second text field. 
  10. A third field should show up. 
  11. Select the state value. 
  12. In the next text box type another space. 
  13. You can play around with adding the comma and spaces on the same line as the cell. 
  14. You can only have one cell reference in each Text line, but you can have multiple other values.
  15. As you build your string it will display the result of your efforts below in a formula result. 
  16. When you are satisfied, click ok and the formula result will be displayed in the cell.
  17. You can copy the formula to other cells.