The Grant Letter field on the Fund 1 Tab in the Fund Module is typically used to indicate the level of anonymity a Fund holder wishes to have with respect to the Grants it gives out.     

Any value in this field will default into the Grant Letter field in a Grant Application added in the Grant module.  This field is located on the Additional Detail area of the Application tab.  This value can be added or changed in the Application at any time (whether posted or not). The value is also included in the Application exports and can therefore be used to indicate what kind of letter should be generated.  It can be used similarly to how the Acknowledgment code is used in the Gift module for Gift acknowledgements.

Typical choices for anonymity by a Fund holder are:
  • Full anonymity - the Donor doesn't want the Fund name or the Fund Representative's information given to the Grant recipient
  • Partial anonymity - the Donor doesn't mind the Fund name being identified, but doesn't want the Fund Representative name and address are disclosed
  • Full disclosure - the Fund name and Fund Representative name and address are disclosed
If you use the Unposted Application Export w/Fund Rep or the Application History Export w/Fund Rep, you can produce Grant award letters that include the Fund name and the Fund Representative names as determined by the merge letter chosen and the Grant recipient can then thank the Donor directly for that Grant if the information is provided. Thus the use of the Grant Letter field allows the Donor's level of anonymity to be maintained in the Grant award process.

In some exports both the fund grant letter value and the application grant letter value will export allowing for even greater control over merge letter content.