In the Fund Module on the Fund 1 tab there is a check box labeled Endowment. This check box indicates whether the Fund is an Endowed Fund. Select the check box if endowed, clear it if not endowed.

The box is for information purposes only and no procedures or special reports use this field automatically during processing. It is available to you as a selection in most fund reports.

Possible uses:
  • Code a fund as a pass-thru fund using the fund class codes, but check off the Endowment box to indicate it is treated like an endowment. 
  • Code the fund as an endowed fund in the class codes, but un-check the box to indicate that legally it is a pass-thru fund.

Foundations will typically use the box to aid in reporting.  If used appropriately it allows you to easily select on endowed funds in the fund reports without having to rely on the fund codes.  Since most foundations have changed their fund coding structure to have the class codes identify the endowed or non-endowed nature of a fund, this box is not used as frequently as it had been in the past. You can select on the value of the box in most reports that allow selection on the fund table.