There are at least three possibilities that would prevent the creation of general ledger accounts.

1. One of the fund codes is empty and the Allow Blank Fund Codes option is turned to No.
2. The Allow Blank Fund Codes option is turned to Yes.
3. The Fund Class coded in the fund is not coded in the Master Chart.

For case #1, fill in the rest of the fund codes and re-save the record.
For case #2, manually invoke the process by selecting it from the file maintenance menu if the fund codes are correctly entered.
For case #3, add the Fund Class code in the Master Chart for the accounts you want added for this fund.

When the system option is turned to Yes, it is possible for the File Maintenance\Funds\AutoBuild G|L Accounts process to run even though some values in the fund are empty or blank.
The Auto-build  message box will not pop-up if there are any blank fund codes, since the system doesn't know that you have finished coding the record.  It will be necessary for you to manually invoke the process.

If the system option is set to "No", when you run the file maintenance process, it will not build the accounts and a message similar to this will be displayed: Auto-build is complete. 1 fund was selected for auto-build 1 fund was skipped because the fund class code is blank 0 GL accounts built 0 funds had GL accounts built.