The G/L Fund ID is used in rare instances where you wish to have multiple funds in the outer modules, but only one fund in the general ledger.  Since we have added the ability to group funds for reporting using the master and sub fund process, the use of this field has declined.

To activate the field:

1.  Go to Tools>System Utilities>System Options
2.  Select Funds in the Section
3.   Enable_GLFundid in the Options column
4.   Change the Value to a Yes
5.  Close the Fund Module completely for this to take effect

 There are two current advantages to using this field instead of the master/sub fund process:

 ·         Since the general ledger will have only one fund balance and only one set of accounts, spending policy and admin fees are easily calculated and processed on one fund. 

·         There would only ever be one fund statement. 

 If there is a need to maintain individual fund balances, then this option is not appropriate. Before activating the field and using it please call FIMS Support to discuss. It is unlikely that you would choose to use the option.