There are two different ways to update this field depending on your end goal.

The easiest and generally most correct way to do this is by using the Manually Adjust SP Amounts utility.

This will update both the field on the Fund 1 tab and the fundsummary history table.  This is also the proper method to use if you are updating the field for spending policy entry purposes.

To use the Manually Adjust SP Amounts utility:
  1. Go to View
  2. Spending Policy
  3. Manually Adjust SP Amounts
  4. Find the Fund ID that you wish to update.  If it isnt there, click New to add.
  5. Update the Cash requirement column
  6. Click save

If for some reason you wanted to update only the field on the Fund 1 tab then:

To turn the value on and make the field editable:
  1. Go to Tools > system utilities > system options.
  2. Select Funds in the Section area.
  3. Select Enable_Cash_Requirement in the Option area.
  4. Choose Yes in Value area.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Restart the Fund Module.
Note: Modifying the value in this field only changes the cash requirement value in the fund table.  When calculating spending policy, the value used for displaying in the reports or used in creating the journal entries is the value found in the fundsummaryhistory record for the year, not the value in the fund table. Thus, changing the value manually on the screen will not impact the spending policy calculation, the reports or the journal entries created. 

When spending policy is calculated and the create spending policy menu item is clicked, the value in the report is copied to both the fundsummaryhistory record and the fund record. Since the manually changed value doesn't update the fundsummaryhistory record, we typically leave the field uneditable (grayed out) so that there is no confusion and the values in the two tables remain the same.