To print 1099's for just one tax-id, start by opening the 1099 Vendor Report w/Fund Information report. 

On the first screen you can see where there is an option to fill in the Federal ID and the name, address and phone number.  This information will flow in automatically from the System Initial Setup Name.

If you have multiple tax entities in the one database, we strongly suggest you use the Division code to identity them.  Within the Division code table you can point to a Profile that will contain all the information needed to populate the 1099 (the tax id, name, address and phone number).  You can then just check off the Use Division's Profile box instead of typing the information in each time you run the report.

If a Division code does NOT represent a single entity, after filling in the information on the front screen and clicking OK, you will be able to select based on Fund codes to select just the ones you need.