You can add new User-Defined Codes by following these steps:
  1. Go to Tools > System Utilities > System Initial Set-Up.
  2. Select the Mailing Setup Tab.
  3. In the Profile User Defined Codes section you can enter in up to four different labels.  If a box is left blank, the field will not show up on the Profile 2 tab. 
  4. Click OK.
  5. Exit the Profiles module and re-open. You should see the changes take effect on the Profile 2 tab.
User-defined codes sometimes are no longer used.  Removing the field from the screen follows the same steps as above except you follow step #3 to remove a label.  Removing a label will not remove the values on the profiles, but it will remove the label from the screen and with it, easy access to the data via data grids and exports.

If you want to remove one field and replace it with another, you should first remove the data from the field and then modify the existing label.  Please call FIMS support to discuss.