If you see a strange number in the amount column to the right of the Tax-ID on the  1099 Vendor Report and Forms , that is the amount in the 1099 Adjustment field on the Vendor record.  That number will be included in the report when you select the Include 1099 Adjustment Amount  option on the initial selection screen of the report.   Selecting that option includes the 1099 Adjustment amount into the calculation of the total 1099 amount.

After examining the report and the vouchers listed for this vendor you decide the value is incorrect and needs modification or needs to be removed, go to the Vendor Tab in Accounts Payable and find the Vendor record for this Idcode.  You will see the amount in the 1099 Adjustment field.  Either remove the value or change it to the appropriate value. If you find that ALL the values need to be removed, use the Accounts Payable File Maintenance procedure called Clear 1099 Adjustment Amounts.   This will remove the value from ALL Vendor records.