To run this report:
  1. Go to General Ledger > Journal Entry > Processes > Journal Entry Report (not the Edit). 
  2. Click the Enable Multi-Year Reporting box to see all entries for all years
  3. Examine the entries in the report (if any). 

It is best to run this report after a regular posting of the unposted journals so that the report with either be empty or limited in activity. What you will see on this report is all the journal entries that have been created, but not posted.  The first time you run this you might be surprised to find entries from historic audited years.  Examine each journal and decide how to handle.  Many you will post because they are Gift adjustments that don't impact the balances in the GL accounts.  Others might be check voids for which manual journals might have been created to compensate for these "missing" ones. These journals typically get overlooked because they are created with apply dates in a prior year and you don't see them in your normal posting routine. Please call FIMS support if you want to discuss the proper handling of the variances.

It is also a good idea to run this report to check on the journal entry before posting after you have made edits to a systemically created journal entry.  With proper subtotaling you can be certain that the entry reflects the correct information and is balanced before running the edit report.