Profile Grouping Benefits:
  1. Allows better management of nearly duplicate Profiles in FIMS. For example, if a couple gives together, but the wife also gives separately, you need two Profile records - one for the couple and one for the wife - because they want to be recognized in two different ways. Grouping these Profiles helps to keep them together for reporting purposes and other Profile maintenance functions. 

  2. The Gift History by Group and Grant History by Group reports allow you to view all Gifts or Grants for an entire group of Donors or Grantees (for example, Gifts from a family group or Grants to a school and all of its departments). Refer to the Gift History by Group and Grant History by Group reports for more information.  There is also a Profile Group Report.

  3. You can view grouped Profiles in a tree view on many FIMS data grids.

  4. The Profile Address Maintenance utility allows you to easily update addresses for grouped Profiles that may share an address.  Choose File Maintenance > Profiles > Address Maintenance, and make your changes.  You can also use this utility to update the address on unposted Gifts, Grants, Pledges, or Scholarships.  Refer to Profile Address Maintenance in FIMS Help Online for more information.