If the GL account in the admin fee report  for the operating fund revenue or expense doesn't agree with the account number you believe should be used, you should check to see if there is an override in place.

To see if there is one in place, determine which admin fee code is being used by the fund and then go to File Maintenance\Funds\Fund Code maintenance\Administrative Fees.

Select the admin fee associated with the fund and click the Edit Fee button or double-click it to open up the detail for the fee code.

At the bottom of this first screen (Main Options), you can see an Operating Fund Override section.  If either of these fields is filled in, this is where the administrative fee process is obtaining the accounts it is using for the journal entry.

If you don't want these accounts used, then delete them and rerun the process to calculate the fees.  The default accounts from the calculation screen should now be selected for the journal entry.