There are two instances where FIMS will automatically add GL accounts: 
  • Add a new Fund. 
  • Run the Mass Add/Delete tool. 

In either case, the applicable Fund Class(es) have to be assigned to the Account in the Master Chart before FIMS will auto build the GL accounts for the fund. So to have these accounts build in these situations, go to the file maintenance\general ledger\master chart of accounts maintenance and add the fund class associated with the type of fund you want to have these accounts.

So if 12500 is the new securities account and you want it added to all endowed funds when a new one is created, and endowed funds are a 00 fund class, then add 00 to the 12500 line in the master chart. Which column you add it to is not important, but it is easier to read if all the 00's are in the same vertical column.

Whenever you then add and save a new fund and automatically build accounts or run the Mass Add utility, the new GL account will be added if the fund class matches the classes recorded in the master chart of accounts.