How do I setup an ODBC Connection on my FIMS workstation?

For anyone using an ODBC DSN for Crystal Reports or another application that wants to connect to the FIMS database, create an ODBC Data Source (DSN) on each workstation by following these instructions.

If you get a new workstation, you will need to re-make the ODBC data source.
To do these steps, you will need to be logged into the workstation with administrative rights. Note if you are hosted each Citrix user who would like to run Crystal Reports will have to do these steps. If you are hosted and do these steps and are able to run Crystal one time and then the next you are unable to, run these steps again:
  1. Log into FIMS
  2. Go to Tools > System Utilities > Admin Utilities > SQL Tools > ODBC 92 Configuration
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  1. The ODBC configuration screen opens.
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The information should default in correctly and none of the 3 boxes at the bottom should be checked. Note, that if you are hosted only the User ID field will be enabled:
  1. Host Name = name of the server (this is where the FIMS software is installed)
  2. User Id = your FIMS User ID.  Click OK.
If you get the following message because you already have an ODBC DSN setup, Select > Yes
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When the FIMS – ODBC 92 Configuration window opens, Select> Yes
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When the FIMS – ODBC 92 Configuration window opens, Select > OK
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If you receive a series of error messages 'Unable to open file: odbcin92.log. Errno=13, (98)', then you do not have rights to edit the Windows registry.  You'll need to log out of the workstation as your Windows user and log into the computer as one of the following then repeat all the above steps:
  1. A Windows user with administrative rights
  2. The local administrator Windows account - Username = administrator 
  ODBC Client Setup Instructions.docx

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