Important: Before doing this procedure, check the Profile in CRM for any information or records unique to CRM such as Opportunities, Open Tasks, Notes and Attachments, Campaign History, or Volunteer Positions.  Make a note of them or print out a report so those records can be added to the new Profile. 

  1. In the FIMS Profile Management module, open the Profile that you want to change to a different Profile Type.  Make a note of the Profile's ID Code.
  2. Click the Copy button on the toolbar to create a new Profile. Set the appropriate Profile Type on the new record.
  3. Click Save, and then make a note of the new Profile's ID Code.
  4. In the Profile Management module, select File Maintenance > Combine Two Profiles. The Combine Two Profiles window opens.
  5. In the Copy From Profile field, enter the ID code of the original Profile record.
  6. In the Copy To Profile field, enter the ID code of the new Profile record.
  7. Select the Change CC, Honor/Memorial, and Match ID Codes in Gift History checkbox.
  8. Click OK. A confirmation window opens to ask if you want to delete the Copy From Profile record. Click Yes to combine the records and delete the Copy From Profile record.
  9. Click Yes again when asked if you are sure you want to combine the Profiles.

You will receive a message when the Profiles have been combined.  Any records (Affiliations, Alternate Addresses, Contacts, Notes, Relationships, Gift History, etc.) connected to the old Profile will now be connected to the new Profile.